Bernoulli Fest

The Bernoulli Fest is an annual bloc party, open to the public, held amongst the residents of the settlement built by the famous Swiss architect Hans Bernoulli. The row houses — located next to one of Zurichs rivers — are iconic to Zurich.

Because this event is organized by the community, without additional funding, the budget was little. To make the most out of it, I opted for duotone Risograph printing and a flat design proposal, which would be used for both the posters as well as for the flyers. The topic of the event was “Am Fluss” (by the river), which was translated into a number of icons that made up the final composition. The minimal amount of only the essential information was added.

“Bloc parties are held all over Zurich during summer — and everyone is welcome to attend.”

The neighborhood community was thrilled with the design. They stated it was the most beautiful poster that was ever designed for the event.

Art direction & design
Sandra Staub


Fluorescent Orange


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