Arcadia is one of Colombia’s most important and influential art and culture magazine and is one of the publications of the media conglomerate Semana. It is one of the major printed media that provides information about both national and international literature, cinema, exhibitions, music, architecture and theater.

I was commissioned to design an 8-page special edition of Arcadia, as a collaboration with the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica (National Center of Historical Memory). For the first edition, the CNMH presented a collection of ten locations where the countries violent history either took place or is now commemorated. It was the first publication of a series called Cuadernos de Memoria (Notebooks of Remembrance).

“In these places of memory the country remembers its past to perhaps create a future without oblivion and full of peace.”

Santiago Parga Linares. Excerpt from the text.

The second edition shows a selection photographs of both experts and aficionados called Infrarojo: historias de luz que no se ven (Infrared: stories of light that are not seen). With the aim to shed a light on stories of suffering and resistance, the pictures show people who live in a country in conflict: Displaced people who were forced to leave their house and belongings, heading towards an uncertain future; a farmer who knows nothing but to cultivate coca, showing his hands; or one of the many graves of an unidentified body, called N. N. (no name).

Editorial direction
Santiago Parga Linares

Santiago Parga Linares
Juan Manuel Roca
Gonzalo Sánchez Gómez

Design & layout
Sandra Staub


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