Esto Que Hemos Heredado

Ocensa is the Colombian company with the longest pipeline in the country. It is 836 kilometers long and crosses six departments. This book was part of a project, where seven renowned Colombian journalist, accompanied by a camera team, travelled alongside the pipeline to talk to the people, write about their habits and believes and bring together the multiple cultural manifestations of their everyday life. The book as well as the documentary is a hommage to “a fortunate sum called Colombia”.

The book won the second place at the 26th Andigraf—Lo Mejor del Año de la Producción Gráfica Colombiana (Best of Colombian Graphic Production of the Year).

Through the striking photography of Mona Herbe, the story of the locals is told. Thus constructing a narrative of traditions, believes, and fates across the country.

Each village is introduced with a spread of a full bleed photography. On the left side, a folkloric chant sets the tone for the following pages.

The titles also contain the coordinates of the portrayed village, as well as the road number and name. The reader is taken on a journey through the diverse regions of Colombia.

A curated browsing of the book by Mona Herbe and Paul Fasel.
Watch the full documentary on Vimeo.

Project management

Art direction and design
Mona Herbe

Sandra Staub

Mona Herbe
Paul Fasel

Photo post-production
Javier Lizarazo


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