The Festival de Cine Infantil — short FECII — is an independent film festival for and from indigenous people of the amazonian region in the south of Colombia. Before the festival begins, the organizers provide workshops and activities to the indigenous community, teaching the youngsters the basics of filmmaking and photography. The community is encouraged to take charge and narrate their stories visually.

I was commissioned by FECII to create a visual identity that reflects the experimental character of this project while also maintaining the professional feel of a film festival.

The poster was inspired by a girl of the community — daughter of one of the leaders of the committee. I adapted her portrait and put it into a sylvan context. The fresh colors make the poster pop and add complexity to the composition.

“The organizers teach the youngsters the basics of filmmaking and photography.”

For the identity design, I developed a series of doodle-style drawings, showing a childlike figurine in playful positions. Instead of a head, I drew a movie reel. The image of the figurine with the reel-head was very strong and displayed its potential best alongside the other drawings. For that reason, I decided to compose the visual identity of a set of drawings, conserving the playfulness and complexity the project stands for.

Image by Juan Sebastián Beltrán

Art direction & design
Sandra Staub

Sandra Staub


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