El Peregrino Ediciones, the pilgrim editions, have always focused on narratives of contemporary expats, explorers and adventurers. The Inmigrantes series also gave them a voice. Since 2011 a collection of five booklets were published, each one telling the story of someone living somewhere they have never been to before.

The format of the booklets, as well as the entire design, is inspired by passports. Every year, the look of the collection was different, but always maintaining a style.

Images by Nicolás Arbeláez

The typographic covers contained only the book title, the abbreviation of the city airport (some of them were purely invented) and a phantasy immigration stamp. Many little design details created a whole design universe and the series soon became the signature publication of El Peregrino Ediciones.

Images by Nicolás Arbeláez

For the sixth edition we drew inspiration from vintage travel stickers and illustrated for the first time all five book covers.

Image by Nicolás Arbeláez

Project management
Juan David Correa & Alvaro Robledo

Art direction & illustration
Sandra Staub


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