Pale Pink Paper Press

In June 2018 I finished the Master of Arts in Design at Zurich University of the Arts. Pale Pink Paper Press is the name of my master project. It evolved around an outdated duplicating technique: the spirit duplicator, used commonly in the second half of the 20th century in community institutions. Today, this technique got replaced by the photocopying machine.

The aim of my project was to re-discover the spirit duplicator as a tool for graphic production, much in the recently surfacing new wave of analog printing described by John Z. Komurki in his book Risomania.

The binding was inspired by the design concept.

Through a series of experiments I explored the possibilities and limitations of the technique, which built the base of my research for the written thesis. I complemented the empirical data with historical context and wrote an exhaustive compilation about this duplicating technique and its meaning for the development of self-publishing.

The design concept of the thesis is inspired by an inventors journal. It holds all the information about the experiments and gives insight into the process. The journal is designed for function; it informs about the content at first glance, gives an overview about the project and is held together by simple metallic brackets.

The final artefact of my master was a book printed on the spirit duplicator. You can see this project here.

Sandra Staub
Design & layout
Sandra Staub

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