San Ignacio

This project was a beautiful collaboration with the publishing house of the Javeriana University, one of the leading educational institutions of Colombia. With my friend and editorial director Federico Torres we created the first edition of a series of books about the life of Saint Ignatius.

The inspiration for the illustration came from religious imaginary and woodcut printmaking. I then created eleven illustrations that would adorn each one of the eleven chapters of the first book: the autobiography.

Images by Nicolás Arbeláez

The skillful layout design by Manuel Botía let the illustrations shine. It paired them up with a layout inspired by the very first handwirtten books by monks. The capitals and typographic details made the creation even stronger.

Image by Nicolás Arbeláez

In every edition, the endpaper was adorned with a floral pattern. Every book got assigned a different color that was combined with the emerald green of the capitals.

Editorial direction
Jhon Meza & Federico Torres

Manuel Botía & Sandra Staub

Sandra Staub


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