Under Pressure

Printed entirely on a spirit duplicator, this book is a meta-publication of the spirit duplicator. It contains practical information about the machine while providing print instructions. Only three editions were printed and bound by hand.

I used this Trommler spirit duplicator for the printing of Under Pressure.

In order to make the spirit duplicator fit for contemporary graphic design standards, good legibility was a must. This is why I decided to combine the manual aesthetics of the spirit duplicator with clean color-photocopying. By overlaying techniques, the production got visually enriched and I was able to create a signature style.

An overlay of handwriting, typewriting and photocopying creates visual complexity and a signature style.

The color palette is based on what the material provides: the aniline purple of the carbon sheets builds the base, which is then combined with pale pink, the color of the paper. To neutralize the scheme, I added blue for the photocopied texts and lots of grey for the surface material.

I chose pale pink paper as an hommage to the early self-published books of the beat generation — especially William S. Burroughs — who printed their work, due to lack of interested publishers, with a mimeograph on pink construction paper, as you can see here.

Curious about how the spirit duplicator works? Watch this video…

Sandra Staub

Design & layout
Sandra Staub

Spirit duplicator


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